Bright Club Bristol Podcast #1

Alan Winfield at Bright Club Bristol #1Happy happy joy joy! Bright Club Bristol #1 (the live show) went down rather well, even if we do say so ourselves, and to celebrate we’re releasing our first PODCAST! Vicky is your host and she’s welcoming robotics expert and BCB performer Alan Winfield, of the University of the West of England, to the studio. We’re also kicking off a regular feature, ‘Dim Club’, and bringing you music from Lori Campbell, commissioned by Geek Pop. Enjoy.

Bright Club Bristol Podcast: Episode 1

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Oh, and by the way, Alan has reliably informed us that 28th November – 4th December is Robotics Week on this side of the Atlantic and there are robo-events going on across 19 European countries. Check out Robotville at the Science Museum in London and Eurobotics for more info.

Studio assistance: Rich Brown at UWE & John Hendicott / Support from: British Science Association / Music: Lori Campbell / Music commissioned by: Geek Pop /Intro music: The Sound of the Ladies / Image: Julianna Photopoulos


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