Bright Club Bristol #4: “Super!”

Bright Club, 23rd August

Bright Club Bristol: “Super!”

Thursday 23rd August, doors 7pm

Hamilton House (above the Canteen), Stokes Croft

Tickets: £5 BUY NOW limited availability on door only

We bring you the usual (or unusual) mix of comedy, thinky stuff and music, featuring:

Comedian Chris Dunford, your MC for the night

Martin Austwick off of The Sound of the Ladies, playing a specially commissioned SUPER song

John Vrublevskis, protector of planets – actual SUPERhero

Sam Olof, wielder of lasers – evil SUPERvillain

Tom Abba, as far as we can tell, scrutinises stories, graphic novels & games – SUPERhero studier

Joel Goldstein, real actual bone fide scientist off of the LHC and all that Higgs malarky – SUPERcollider-er

Josh Howgego, *supra*molecular chemist – *not* SUPERmolecular, that’s an entirely different thing, who knew?

There will be a very limited number of tickets available on the door this time – please arrive early to claim them! The Bright Club bar will be serving from 6.45pm. Our bar is on the 3rd floor of Hamilton House – same as the venue for Bright Club.

This event is also on Facebook.

IoP logoBig big thanks to the Institute of Physics (IoP) South West branch for supporting this show.


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