Bright Club Bristol #5: “BRAAAAINS!”

Bright Club Bristol: "BRAAAAINS!"

Bright Club Bristol: “BRAAAAINS!”

Friday 26th October, 7pm

Hamilton House (above the Canteen), Stokes Croft

Tickets: £6 BUY NOW limited availability on door only

A Halloween special with Mark Olver, BRAAAAINS!-themed music and a few coffin-fulls of clever comedy sourced from the cobwebbed corners of your local universities. Feel free to zombify yourself for the occasion – there’s a free drink and ticket for next show on offer for the audience member turning up in the best zombie scientist get-up…

Comedian Mark Olver, your MC for the night

Pete Etchells, experimental psychologist – BRAAAAINS!

Simon Watt, sniffer of elephant carcasses – big BRAAAAINS!

Hannah Rumble, naturial burial expert – BRAAAAINdead

Dean Burnett, neuroscientist-slash-stand-up-comedian – BRAAAAIN picker

Suzi Gage, studier of links between cannabis & psychosis – the BRAAAAINS! behind this operation

AND “badass mother-folker” Katey Brooks, who is currently writing a special BRAAAAINS!-themed song especially for us 🙂

The Bright Club bar will be serving from 6.30pm. Our bar is on the 3rd floor of Hamilton House – same as the venue for Bright Club.

This event is also on Facebook.

And don’t worry, we’re not quietly increasing the price – it’s because it’s a Halloween special, and a Friday, so everything (including the bar) will go on later. Party onnnnn! We’ll be back to supercheaps next show.


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