Bright Club Bristol #6: “Vintage”

Bright Club Bristol: "Vintage"

Bright Club Bristol: “Vintage”

Thursday 6th December, 7pm

Hamilton House (above the Canteen), Stokes Croft

Tickets: £5 in advance limited tickets on door £6

It’s our one year anniversary show!* HOORAH! And it’s Christmas!** DOUBLE HOORAH! We’ll be bringing you the usual mix of comedy, thinky stuff and music, all wrapped up like a big sparkly present. The theme is “Vintage”, which means we’re inviting people who study old stuff to get up on stage and do the funnies.

Your MC for the evening is comedian Iszi Lawrence

Josie McLellan, East German nudity expert

Pete Insole, archaeologist for Bristol City Council

Caitlin Greenwood, ancient historian

Josie Dolan, studier of old films, and old people in old films

Connie Orbach, fledgling necromancer… sorry neurosciencer

Jon Winfield, turns poo into power

With music from the wonderful Dan Everett. He’s currently writing a “Vintage” song specially for the show.

Tickets will cost £6 on the door. The Bright Club bar will be serving from 6.30pm. Our bar is on the 3rd floor of Hamilton House – same as the venue for Bright Club.

This event is also on Facebook.

*There has been talk of birthday cake.

**There has also been talk of mulled wine.


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