About Bright Club Bristol

***PLEASE NOTE! Bright Club Bristol is no more. The website remains as a record of good times past!***

What would happen if we got a bunch of interesting comedians and musicians, and combined them with all of the fascinating people who work at your local universities? And what would happen if we did that on a stage, in front of an attractive and intelligent audience? And what if we didn’t worry about whether people were famous, or experienced, or had been on TV, and instead just picked people that we thought were brilliant at telling stories about what they know?

What if indeed… Well, a couple of years ago, HQ in London decided to find out. They made themselves a show called Bright Club, where professional comedians and musicians and clever folks all got on the same stage and made something wonderful. Some months later, realising how brilliant it all was, we decided to jump on the Bright Club bandwagon. And here we are – it’s Bright Club Bristol! Hooray!

If you want to speak at a future Bright Club event, go here, or if you want to help make it happen in some other way, drop us an email.

“The knowledge on offer was exciting and relevant, but most of all it was the charisma and enthusiasm from each speaker that made each topic a joy to listen to. I’ve found myself recounting small snippets to housemates and colleagues constantly ever since.”A Little Bristol

“a resounding success”Bristol Culture

“Really great night at @BrightClubBris tonight – Science, comedy and SWEETS! What more could you want?”@FoardPrefect

“Had a great time at the very first @BrightClubBris last night…. Looking forward to the next one.”@WillGater


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