***PLEASE NOTE! Bright Club Bristol is no more. The website remains as a record of good times past!***

We are:

hayley [at]

jim [at]

vicky [at]

Email us with questions, ideas, biscuits and money.

Bright Club Bristol resides at Hamilton House.


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. SOLD OUT!!! oh no. I was really hoping to get a ticket for this event on Tuesday…what are the chances of any tickets going spare last minute or someone dropping out and selling one? my twitter pal Ian Walker is one of the turns and I was hoping to meet up with him and see all the funny stuff.

    I’d be very very happy if there’s the slightest chance I could get hold of a ticket.

    yours hopefully

  2. Would like to buy one more ticket for show on May 31st as I seem to have bought the last one but wanted to go with someone. How to I get on cancellation list ?

  3. Hi Caroline, we don’t have a cancellation list as such, but tickets can be reallocated via WeGotTickets – people often let us know if they have spares. We will post on the event page on Facebook or RT via Twitter so just make sure you’re following us.

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