Bright Club Bristol does PLYMOUTH: “All at Sea”

Bright Club Plymouth: "All At Sea"

Bright Club Plymouth: “All at Sea”

Saturday 17th November, doors 6pm

University of Plymouth Students’ Union

Tickets: £6 BUY NOW

PLYMOUTH! Lucky you! We’re bringing a troupe of clever folks down there to be funny IN YOUR FACES! Come! You’ll like it! And there will be FREE SWEETS! Here’s the line-up:

Comedian Mike Wozniak – MC

Andy Phippen – mostly studies sex and kids (not like that)

Beth Atkinson – does experiments in forests (also not like that)

John Troyer – researches death and funeral practices (it gets better)

Rosie Walton – theoretical physicist who claims to be stupid (um, yeah)

Sam Olof – wielder of lasers (so a bit like a supervillain)

Rachel Freeman – carbon counter (but secretly likes to plug all electrical items in at once and then run around going “MWA HA HA HA HA!”)

AND! Musician Dan Hiscott, playing a song specially commissioned for the show!

This event is also on Facebook.

IoP logoThis event is part of the Festival of Physics and is supported by the IOP South West.


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