Bright Club Bristol #1: “The First Time”

Bright Club Bristol: “The First Time”

Tuesday 29th November, doors 7pm

Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Tickets: £4  BUY NOW SOLD OUT!


John Robins – comedian

Chiara Ambrosio – philosopher

Jacques Carolan – quantum physicist

Sophia Collins – science dialoguer

Ian Walker – traffic psychologist

Alan Winfield – roboticist

With music from Lori Campbell, specially commissioned by Geek Pop for this very show!

Thanks to the British Science Association, Sounds of Science and University College London for their support.


5 thoughts on “Bright Club Bristol #1: “The First Time”

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  2. Hello! I’m afraid we are completely sold out! (Just making changes to that effect). There should be another Bright Club in the New Year so click on the ‘Get New Posts By Email’ button (on the right) to make sure you’re up-to-date. Sorry to disappoint this time.

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