Where have all the tickets gone?

Bright Club Bristol regularly sells out in advance of the show date. If you need a reminder to get your tickets when they become available, sign up for emails (see over on the right there). You can also follow us on Facebook (search for Bright Club Bristol) or Twitter.

Do I have to buy via WeGotTickets?

To cut a long story short, yes.

Don’t you know who I am? I demand a free ticket!

The capacity of Bright Club Bristol is 100. And it’s mostly funded by ticket sales. We need all that lovely money to pay for the event. And we don’t even have any to spare for Party Rings.

I bought my ticket ages ago but I just realised it’s my mum’s birthday / some other lame reason I can’t come.

You can reallocate your ticket as long as you have the name of the person you’d like to reallocate it to – see WeGotTickets FAQs under ‘Reallocation’. If you email asking us to resell your tickets on your behalf, we will ask you to post them on our Facebook page or tag @BrightClubBris on Twitter, then reallocate them to any takers. Also, no refunds on the door – please give your ticket to a friend. We’ll happily share, repost and retweet you, but we can’t resell your tickets for you.  It’s just the way it goes, dudes.

How do I get to be on stage?

Have a gander at this. In general, we work with people who are in some way affiliated to local universities, which include those in Bath and Gloucestershire as well as Bristol.

Why is it called Bright Club, you self-satisfied bunch of know-it-alls?

You can take that up with our leader, Steve Cross, if you can really be bothered.

How is Bright Club Bristol funded?

Ticket sales, our own bar and whatever small, local businesses can afford to pay us in sponsorship. If you would like to be one of those businesses, please get in touch. We will gladly exchange free things (like beer) for hugs.




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